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Dear God,

Tonight I'm writing to you instead of that old fat guy. Now it may sound weird at first, which as you know that probably suits me perfectly, but this year I would like some new body-parts. I would like a new brain for starters. One that doesn't think as much, because I find myself focusing on the things that make me sad; which makes my good, happy days seem bad. I would also like a new heart. One that doesn't desire complicated things that is next to impossible to achieve, or that desires the comfort from people that do not desire to give that comfort. Both attributes can be very painfully to balance and can really put anyone into a depressive funk. I would also like some new eyes and ears this year. I find my old pair is starting to only perceive the bad in this world and not the good that is still in it. Thank you for all you do. What you have given me is more then I deserve. Yet, if it's not too much trouble to ask. If you don't feel comfortable replacing these body-parts, or if you feel I should keep these old ones. Please. Give me the courage to accept myself and those around me. Also, the strength to go on and battle whatever pain that may come my way. I hope next year fairs better, because I miss talking to you.

                                            Your servant,
Should speak for itself.
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December 17, 2011
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